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I was brought up in the English countryside and learnt to respect nature. My education and training was in engineering with a bias towards electronic design, which was my University final year subject.

I worked for well known companies such as Marconi, BAe and then started my own business designing solutions to industrial problems in 1983.... My family are all engineers! Over the years I've completed research into many areas and I'm still learning!

I have lectured at some universities on subjects as diverse as air flow measurements, R & D techniques and other measuring solutions....

It seems engineering is in my blood!

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Since 1970 I've worked for Marconi Instruments, British Aerospace as well as Solex Gauging and ERA (formerly known as English Racing Automobiles) All the time designing measuring instruments, Well except for a short time at BA designing anti-tank missiles, but that doesn't count! So I guess measuring instrumentation is in my blood.

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