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Operator in a combined cycle cogeneration plant. Past experience includes operations in 2 East Coast Refineries and Chief Engineer/Maintenance Manager in a large plant.

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I am a lifelong salt water fisherman and have fished most of the East Coast from NJ to the Florida Keys as well as the Gulf from Pensacola to Sanibel/Captiva Islands. I enjoy surf, inshore and offshore fishing as well as crabbing. I took my wife on her first bluewater (offshore) trip last summer on the Man-o-War out of Bud and Mary's Marina in Islamorada FL We hooked up with a good 50 to 60 fish mostly Mahi, Blackfin, King Mackerel, Bonito and False Albacore. We shipped 20 or so pounds back home thru the Islamorada Fish Company. We had a great time and are looking to return for another adventure. Ed

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