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I currently work in prototype engineering. The "rest of my life" goals are in the learning and building upon Sustainable and Mechanical engineering. Other Interest and research lie in the increasing of applicable thermal dynamic efficiencies in many areas. learning more about information theory and possible applications of quantum physics/mechanics. I study in other related math and sciences. I love to read and learn about this worlds civilizations history and the worlds geographic history.

Currently continuing to work on a new induction system for the I.C. Engine. Also I'm still into the go fast hobby including much design and construction of hybrid turbos and a lot with motorcycle modifications of all sorts. As a machinist, I enjoy building many devices as within my capabilities and available equipment and tools.

Hobbies are: playing, recording and writing music (instruments, key boards, guitar, saxophone.) rock climbing, weight lifting, running, hiking all that kind of stuff. I still like racing motorcycles and cars, now more straight line racing and some road coarse.

I never ever want to stop learning!

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education, never enough!

I've been into different types of automobile racing since the late 80's. I enjoy high performance modifying in race engines for bikes or cars. I currently am developing new fuel management systems as well as designs in new combustion, or not, engines. Motorcycles are now more my interests however I still restore and or just "purty up" some old time iron.