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Just an engineer that sees well made machines as art. I have a love for all kinds of hardware. It really does not mater much what type. What maters is how it is made and how clever it is. From watches to railroad trains and from computers of all kinds to Bridges and overpasses. It is not a mater of what brand but again just how it works and how it is made and how it was engineered. I also to be able to enjoy engineering have to be a businessman. That part is OK I guess but I am an Engineer first. I think I am like most folks on this site. I did earn a PhD in Engineering. I have worked as a contractor for the DOE ( A long long time ago) and I like Nuclear plants and hydro electric plants and I Hate with a pashon granola heads that do not know what they are doing or talking about. Most do not know the difference between a proton and croughton. I can not spell very well and never could. Took several classes on the subject and it did not good. Can look at a word and then read it but if you ask me to spell it I can not. Not sure why. So sorry for my terrible spelling but I figure it is good enough that you understand what I am getting at. Jim Davison AKA JimmyJoeJetter