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I didn't start out in instrumentation. I studied to be a radio/TV repair technician. My jobs in chronological order were:

  1. Beginning in 1981, to operate and maintain a building automation system based on the PDP 11.
  2. To service TVs, stereos, building sound systems, and disco lighting systems. I also went along on concerts as a standby technician (got free tickets too!).
  3. To design sound systems, perform tests on professional audio equipment, design disco lighting systems.
  4. To design fire alarm and security systems, also supervise their installation.
  5. Then I worked on instrumentation. Started in 1985 and never left.

Other trivia: I am a member of Toastmasters International and presently a Competent Toastmaster.

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Who am I?

I've always considered myself an instrumentation guy. However, I've worked on controlling processes practically all my time in this field.

I used to work for a process controls contractor and that was where I learned everything I needed (except for Basic Electronics - I learned that in vocational school ). Then I started working for my present employer, a food manufacturer.

Watching my mates and newer employees perform, I am appalled by the seeming lack of skills and knowledge that I consider important to work in instrumentation and controls. In the very near future, I intend to shift from using my skills for the sole benefit of a company to using them to teach others who may want to enter this challenging field. Oh, and those who want to learn more too!