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Go the way the trees are growing

Grounded rowing in the water

North is pushing South is pulling

To and fro the light they follow

Gray asleep the Sun remember

Green awake and open handed

Standing all receive and spin

Raise their arms and catch the wind

Blowing throw it back again

Wind the sky around their fingers

Pull the clouds and draw them downward

Press them near and wave them onward

Roar and sigh a rain song

A river song A sea song

Shining ripples in their skin

Standing waves as they grow stronger

In their youth they rock each other

In the sun they move together

Bow apart as they grow older

Spreading limbs and throwing shadow

Turn again to one another

At their height embrace each other

Drop their lower arms in darkness

Dying fall along the water

Toward the water turn in death

Release and let it push their feet

No more walking on the water

Bowing down and crossing over