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Grew up on a grass seed farm in the Willamette Valley in western Oregon. Went to college for agricultural journalism. Got bored with that, returned to working for farms and ranches. Travelled to Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, working for farms, ranches and Pubs in those countries. Went back to college for a degree in Agricultural Technologies. Worked for several Ag and Construction machinery dealerships as a hydraulic, electronic, and electrohydraulic diagnostic and repair technician. Now am the Warehouse Foreman and Head of maintanence for a grass seed blending and packaging facility in Halsey, Oregon.

I am also a technological history buff.

My hobbies include restoring antique farm machinery and tools, or turning them into unique lawn and patio furniture.

I also enjoy making scrap metal by way of high speed lead.

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American all the way

Born and raised in Brownsville, Oregon

Farmboy by birth, Redneck by choice

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Aint nuthin like killing an innocent soup can!!!

Shoot mainly open sights in 32 winchester special and 257 Roberts and am an avid Ithaca shotgun fanatic.