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Although I have successfully put together resumes in which it appears that I have had some life plan that I am executing, step-by-careful-step, in fact, that is not the case. I've done what I enjoy doing. I enjoy the science of art and the art of science.

I've had several instances of benefiting from phenomenally good luck (and I tend to forget the heartbreaks that have occurred from bad luck). I worry about what we are doing to the planet, and don't have much respect for those who feel entitled to consume willy-nilly simple because they can afford to do so.

I've been an entrepreneur for most of my working life, prostituting myself for a buck or two: technical training and safety training (airline pilots, factory maintenance guys, a few new car launches) a little electrical engineering consulting, some exotic car mechanical work, lease back of an aerobatic plane to an FBO... even the Boob Cube, the cube puzzle for the rest of us.

I like to do loads of things: design and build boats, design and build cars, race motorcycles (back when I didn't fall off) play piano and cello (generally not at the same time) fly airplanes, ski, sail, paddle, talk about perceptual psychology and philosophy, hug trees, convince my kids not to do as I have done, and laugh.

I like to think back to 1959, when American cars were glittering land yachts. A peculiar little too-simple, too-small, too-noisy, too-rough-riding, and way too strange (where the heck is the engine??) car was introduced to the American market by the great ad guys at Doyle Dane Bernbach. In a decade, VW went from near zero sales to 1,000,000 units per year.

I think the time is right for bringing out another too-strange, too-small car. Thus my Zing! You can buy one now. (

I also have a wooden boat building school: (

What I really want to do when I grow up, however, is to be a rock star. And no, its not about the fame and the sex with the groupies, its about the music. At least that's what I tell my wife and kids.