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I'm a 60 year old Electronics designer. I'm an artist sculptor and a maker of things e.g. Longbows, Crossbows,Chinese Repeating Crossbow , electric golf trolley, solar hotwater panels. Tell me it's impossible I'll try to make it!

I work for a small company 2 days a week...30 years ago they said that the big problem in the next century would be too much leisure time...yeh I've created my own work leisure me it's great!

The Cat was our family pet...I used to play football (soccer) in goal and got nick named 'Del the Cat' for the way I could leap about (or was it 'cos I'd lick my balls?)

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Old weapons are my thing, arms & armour, making longbows, crossbows, that sort of thing.

I've made some fibreglass & rock maple composite bows, and built one into an updated version of the Chinese repeating crossbow.

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Hi gang!

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