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Matrix Cloud Support or Run down a Rabbit Hole?

Posted January 15, 2015 9:00 AM by CR4 Guest Author
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The decision on how to provide software systems support for your employees requires careful consideration regarding the benefits and disadvantages that you will face with onsite vs cloud support. Consider the movie The Matrix, where one of the main characters, Neo, is given a choice by Morpheus between two realities. He has the first choice of a blue pill, where he stays in his existing reality that is a fully supported matrix cloud computing environment but if he chooses the red pill then he leaves the matrix cloud and enters the rabbit hole where he must create his own reality with the tools, talent and software that he can build on his own.

So, the challenge that Morpheus poses is "You take the blue pill the story ends; you wake up in bed and believe what you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes…"

Choosing cloud vs onsite support

The movie The Matrix deals with two realities; first is the matrix construct which allows all the users and inhabitants to live in a blissful, fully supported state where all their needs are taken care of and then second is the real world outside of the matrix where people and teams must supply their own resources, maintain their own version of the construct and survive all the technology advances on their own. The heroes in the movie give people a choice; they can stay in the Matrix cloud or they can brave the world on their own.

Building the server technology infrastructure

The Matrix highlights a large dichotomy between those who live in the matrix and those who build their own system. Within the Matrix the machines own the construct which controls the world where people are held captive. They have the materials and the power to maintain the massive programs while addressing all the needs of those who use the matrix cloud. Those who have left the matrix construct are forced to build their own worlds. They build generators, ships and computer systems and must still connect with the construct to operate in the matrix world. When you are choosing between onsite or cloud support for your computer network infrastructure you must consider if you have the resources and technology available to support the system onsite or if your computer network should be supported off-site.

Latest and greatest software available

In The Matrix the machines own the construct which is the software brains behind the matrix itself. Since the machines own the software they continue to build and develop it to better serve the needs of the machines and the latest advances are always available for their users. For the users outside the matrix they must access the matrix to see what changes have been made and then either download the changes or risk not being able to interface with the matrix world. When you choose cloud support for your computer network you will have access to the latest and greatest software without having to download new versions and install them. The server owners will control all of the software updates and will install them at their convenience and hopefully, the transition will be seamless and go unnoticed by your users. But sometimes the transition is not so seamless and your cloud support may transition and impact your users. When you have onsite support you will need to purchase, install and schedule updates to your network software and will have to manage all of these changes internally while maintaining network availability.

Technical support structure and expertise

When you are considering whether to have an onsite software systems or use cloud support you must consider if you have the technical expertise to support the network onsite. Neo could be seen as the technical superstar in the movie as he had the expertise and knowledge to manipulate and control the matrix as he saw fit. If you have a highly experienced group of IT experts on your staff that can work with the systems to correct any problems or issues, then onsite support may be ideal for your company. But, if you are lacking the superuser like Neo then maybe cloud support will be best where all IT support will be provided by the host.

Immediate world wide access

The matrix presents challenges to the users that aren't plugged in to the main computer. In order to access the matrix, the users must go up towards the surface of the earth within range of the construct computers and interface with the matrix wirelessly. This presents challenges with connectivity and the chances to disconnect from the matrix with dire consequences and lives being lost. When your software is supported in a cloud environment, then you are at the mercy of the internet connection and bandwidth limitations of the server. Onsite support gives you access at any time and will allow you to more quickly access and work with large files within the safety and convenience of your internal networks.

Choosing the best software support solution is a strategic problem that we all face so it is important to consider all the factors involved in the decision before you make a decision that will have long term implications for your company. Look at your needs and understand what your software solution needs to do so that when you develop a strategy it will consider all the needs of your company and then make the choice between cloud or onsite software support that fits your company's strategy and needs. Consider your options carefully and as Morpheus told Neo when he was making his choice "Remember, all I'm offering is the truth, nothing more".



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Re: Matrix Cloud Support or Run down a Rabbit Hole?

01/15/2015 7:20 PM

What is a "cloud"? A cloud is a group of minuscule particles somehow attracted to each other so that they render the air they are in translucent. Just like smoke.

The top of the cloud reflects sunlight back into the space above the cloud. Just like a mirror.

A hard drive/server/storage device resides on your property and is accessible to you at any time. You can touch it, duplicate it, upgrade it as needed.

So it becomes a question of whether you prefer smoke and mirrors or a tangible, accessible storage system for your critical data.

Me? I've got an external hard drive for every PC in my house. I NEVER send anything to the smoke and mirror, cloud storage.


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Re: Matrix Cloud Support or Run down a Rabbit Hole?

01/17/2015 1:05 PM

I would use cloud storage only for data such as songs or video as it is expendable and has no requirement for security. If anyone were to access the cloud storage, it would be a "no harm - no foul" access or I would not feel secure about placing the data files there to begin with.

There are other software programs which allow for accessing the entire hard drives of other users of the same software (i.e. Limewire and other similar programs). In using Limewire, I found that you could access a complete stranger's hard drive and see all of their files if you cared to peruse it as a database. Any files were available from someone's porn collection to their financial files.

Once I realized that your entire hard drive is open for anyone to access, I stopped using it.

It comes down to this for me at least: If I do not want the file accessible (and hackers generally find a way), then I do not use cloud storage because it can become compromised. If I owned a business, cloud storage would not be an option for files that I would want to be secure.

Some would just as easily consider its use as a way for "governmental snooping" in this day of governmental problems. (Chinese hackers are not the only ones to be concerned with.)

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