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Bathroom Mirror: Newsletter Challenge (09/27/05)

Posted September 27, 2005 7:00 AM

The question as it appears in the 09/27 edition of Specs & Techs from GlobalSpec:

Your wife wanders into the bathroom one day and finds you staring intently into the mirror while rotating your head from side to side (about the axis of your nose). Does she:
a) back carefully away while muttering about "crazy engineers"?
b) calmly inform the kids she's having you committed?
c) call your lawyer to trigger your medical power-of-attorney?
d) all of the above?
What are you really doing?

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I'm good enough, smart enough, and doggone it....

09/27/2005 10:11 AM

.... making sure that his sideburns are the same length? I really have no idea.

The Feature Creep

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09/27/2005 11:50 AM

Assuming that the axis means rotating your head from side to side, not keeping your nose in the same position.(Confusing description, everything should rotate on the axis)
I'm assuming that he is looking at how mirrors "reverse" If I turned about a vertical axis the image will be reversed left-to-right, but if I turned about a horizontal axis it would be upside down.

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insanity query

09/27/2005 1:45 PM

After thouroughly washing his face, he was tilting his head to remove unwanted water. By tilting his head he was allowing unwanted air to escape from his ear canal.


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Re:insanity query

09/27/2005 11:36 PM

Yes, having air in your ears is definately a bad thing :-)

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Bathroom Mirror

09/27/2005 8:37 PM

Just forget about the bathroom mirror. The guy inside the mirror is look better than you and more hansome. Lucky my bath room does not have any mirror. Otherwise I will looking at myself naked.

Active Contributor

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09/27/2005 11:18 PM

In my case I would most likely be looking at the gray (or dark blond as I like to call it) hair that is slowly taking over. WITH MY BEHAVIOR, my wife would not consider this strange at all but I must be playing with the reversing factor of the mirror


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The axis of your nose.

09/28/2005 1:53 AM

Is that a vertical axis? Or horizontal from side to side? Horizontal: front to back? Could this be about the joints in your neck being designed to keep your eyes very steady, even when your body is being jolted about (e.g. running). I wonder if film camera manufacturers have tried to replicate this effect.

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09/28/2005 6:03 AM

The man in the mirror was watching his eyes rotate in thier sockets so that they maintain the same orientation with respect to the horizon while his head rotates about the axis of his nose.

David A Goodman

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Mirror man

09/28/2005 11:44 AM

Obviusly, I was trying to grasp a look of my ear while looking in the opposite direction, c'mon guys we do that all the time.

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And the Answer is....

10/04/2005 11:07 AM

As written in the 10/04 issue of Specs & Techs from GlobalSpec:

You're checking out something called "ocular torsion", a little known but fascinating aspect of eye movement. It turns out that people (and many animals) control their eyes not only up and down and side to side, but also rotationally along the line of sight. This can be seen by getting close to a mirror in a well lit room and rotating your head about the line of sight of one of your eyes, and watching that eye carefully. You'll be able to see that your eye tries to stay "upright" as your head rotates around it (watch the little veins in the white part of your eye, or the flecks in your iris). There are some amazing structures that allow this to happen - muscles like the superior oblique that thread through tiny bone loops like the trochlea. Check out some pretty amazing machinery at these sites:

There is also a pretty cool eye simulator, which lets you disable muscles and muscle combinations, at:

Off to take on other challenges. Good luck everybody! See you around the Interwebs.
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