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I might as well fill this space with something. In short: I am an artist with a background in Art restoring, Special effects for film, Music, Inventing, Organic electrochemistry, Philosophy, Politics and basic knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, building, material science and painting (including houses).

I have no degrees or certificates due to constant change of countries or continents.

At the moment I am working on finalizing last steps to a few inventions which I have been working on since some time. May you be with me.

The Arts, in her many forms and appearances, are and always will be, good companions.

, Ky.

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For me Music is a language that needs to be trained and practiced, like any other skill really. I have written music using the guitar and sometimes the piano. You can't take a piano to the beach and relax, can one.

Good to see that there are so many of you who have an interest in music. There are so many parallels in all kind of other fields. Music can involve and mostly does, all other sciences in some way or the other.

Working with others in music can be as hard as putting something mechanical together or mixing chemicals or even solving maths problems.

To create a new sound or song is as hard as getting a formula to work which has not been thought of before. The advantage with music is that you can use your heart first and then send it to the brain. If trained well enough, this loop becomes second nature and if you have friends who have the same level of skills and play "from the same page" real satisfaction can be the result.

I wonder if we can send MP3 or something from here. Not that computer savvy yet but will find out. With CR4 there's always more.

Enjoy. Ky.

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Torn and breading

She is a big one and I like the girt by sea part. Waltz you good thing, waltz!

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Good to be here and having the chance to delve more into the subject. How useful for my application I shall find out.

Greetings, Ky.

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