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ShakespeareTheEngineer is an Applied Composition Engineer (Writing Teacher).

Interests include auto-mechanics, aviation, graphic design, and hard hitting rugby.

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Seasoned Vet in the Classroom

I have taught English, Social Studies, and Chinese Language/Culture to grades 9-12 for twelve years (varying subjects at various points). I also teach collegiate level world mythology and have coached either track and field or rugby each of the past ten years (sometimes both during the same season - we live and learn!).

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New to the Game of Mechanics - Riding for Three Years

I own(ed) two:

1984 Honda Magna 700 - sold to my brother-in-law

2002 Honda Magna 750

The '02 is a salvaged bike that I went through the process of getting re-registered in the fall of 2008. If you want, you can read my blog about the experience.

I also belong to the online Honda Magna Yahoo Group.which is a great group of riders who do a wonderful job discussing issues and joys of Magna riding and ownership.