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Army brat, youngest of 5 boys.

Have 3 children of my own.. all grown now

Have had 30 jobs, mostly drafting & documentation, but much more

Optimist, Idealist, Enthusiast.

I enjoy reading and collecting books (have about 5000 now) and there are just a few favourites subjects.. ancient gods, invention, realistic Sci-fi, adventure, health, movies and music.

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Technical Services Manager

Electromechanical Engineering Technician, Quality Assurance, Solidworks, CAD, Hydraulics, Controls, and many other interests too numerous to mention.

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Army brat

I've lived in Ontario, Manitoba, and currently Alberta. I believe in the land and it's people.

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What is Time and what is Energy?

These infinite questions eternally intrigue me!

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Who doesn't appreciate the beauty in architectural design, old and new?

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New Member

training up with my Realflight G5 simulator, and planning on building an aircraft.