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I come from a family of Hams, and most of my relatives are hams. I was originally licensed in 1957 at age 10 as KN7AJG... K7AJG... later, KA7YYT, and most recent and LAST call NW7L. I design and manufacture antennas for 100 MHz and up... both ham and non-ham applications.

I would have to say that my favorite "Ham" story comes from the '60s. Now at this time ALL radios were boat anchors... and ham's then... as now... do not care for knob twiddlers. We were at the annual ham campout in central Oregon. An individual had unloaded a piece of gear from his car and placed it on a picnic table with a sign which read "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH". One XYL I guess could not read... because as she was innocently standing (Yeah!! Right!!) in front of the gear, it began to hum... louder and louder... and then it began to clatter... then the top and sides flew off the rig with the explosion of a couple of confetti bombs. We ALL got a good laugh over that.

73's de Bill NW7L