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Medical device repair for over 40 years!

Love my job - I get to fix stuff!

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For over 40 years (as of 2020...) I have repaired hospital laboratory equipment. These systems analyze your whole blood (hematology) count the red and white blood cells, measure the hemoglobin (iron), size the red cells, count platelets (help clotting). As the systems improved, we can now separate and quantify the different types of white blood cells to give more diagnostic data to the healthcare worker. And the tests and technology improve as we introduce new product lines.

Actually on my sixth company in the field, mostly hematology but a little chemistry. But now with a fabulous company that has grown to be a world leader in hematology!

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Did not actually use the TRS-80 that much. BUT I sold the first one at the Radio Shack in middle Nebraska! Too bad it was returned two weeks later because they could not figure how to program it!!

My first useful computer was the Sinclair ZX-81. Built it from a kit and did a lot of programing. Then a Commodore64 for quite a while. Then the company I started working for had PC components, so decided to build my own (first hard drive 40MB) and teach myself DOS then Windows.

I still have several 8" floppy disks I like to pull out and freak my kids!