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Born 1942,

surviving with big amounts of luck the next 5 very bad years,

interest in natural sciences initiated by parents and school (near Hamburg),

1962 - 1969 University of Stuttgart, Germany, diploma in mechanical engineering, specialised in precision engineering and optical engineering,

1969 to 1974 PHD, (Stuttgart), measurement and precision analog electronics,

1974 to 1981 Anschuetz&Co, Kiel, Germany, gyros and other components and systems for gyrocompassing,

1981 to 2007 professor precision engineering and measurement, Kaiserslautern University (

1981 to ?, ongoing now (hopefully many more years)
consulting in any aspect of engineering, errors, precision: some of these to be seen on

private interest: evolution in astro, bio, higher life, mammals, humans, civilisation and culture, science and technology, human nonsense,

private hobby: minerals collection from nearby permian volcanic intrusions and eruptions.