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Maintenance Manager

38 years experience.

Loads of non formal and formal training but no degree.

Like to joke around but can get very serious.

Varied experience in HVAC, Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems.

I enjoy learning new things and try to work out ideas for simple solutions to difficult problems.

Favorite pastime: Working on old cars and making them run again.

Real name: Jeff Brunner

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I am a Yankee Doodle Boy.

Oklahoma (home of the Red Man)

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Old School is the best school.

Let's find a way to make it better, stronger, and faster than it has ever been done before.

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Safety Mgr that keeps the peace

I maintain a fine balance between production and safety. I create devices that do not reduce the safe operation of the equipment but will allow safe operation with a minimal of production downtime.

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DIY Welding (since 09/22/2009)
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My Motto:

It ain't pretty but it'll hold.