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In my advanced years...80 +...curious about everthing.... many fields.

Fairly handy at creating new things..out of parts and pieces made for some other original use. Sort of "off the shelf" re engineering.

Background in dairy industry ...cow to door step in glass bottles....(that's a few years ago in the USA) which has been supplemented by paper/plastic cartons, store bought.

...and not at your door any more.

Property development/construction, principally Industrial and Commercial. Shopping centers, Industrial Parks, special used manufacturing.

Fairly high mechanical aptitude....same in electrical but not electronics.

Current equity business operations include metals refining...precious metal extraction consulting... specialized mining equipment design/creation/fabrication...high performance auto fuel management systems...super charging...EFI....medium, city size, primary fuel powered electrical power production....Estate/tax planning/business planning.

Together with an un satisfied great curiosity.

Commonly known as...MR. GUY