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41 years as an electrician and counting which also includes 20 years as an engineering tech in compact disc media manufacturing.

Currently 13 years as a GCA Accredited Clubmaker fitting and building golf clubs mostly for friends, friends of friends & family now. Golf is hard enough, custom is the only way to play. ~_^

I also attended culinary school for 2 years. I do LOVE to cook, almost as much as eating.

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At age 12, my parents purchased a Yamaha acoustic for me as a gift (I still have it after 45 years and it plays well).

I purchased a Taylor 814ce that I fell in love with in 2000 and just Had to own. It is a pure joy to play and the sound is exceptional.

My newest aquisition is a Taylor GS Mini (a Christmas gift to myself). What a great little guitar with a big bold sound and nice action. I find myself reaching for it more often than the others now.

I have been playing much more often to keep my fingers loosened up in the battle against psoriatic arthritis. It's a big help in that respect.

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20+ years in optical media manufacturing. Loved every moment of it! Now semi-retired due to injury but still keep in touch with production design and machinery for small manufacturers.