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James Dean's Porsche 550 Spyder Resurrected as an NFT
from Hemmings Motor News Blog posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: Exotics porsche
Created on 12/20/2021 9:51 AM
by dstrohl
To Rigid Specifications: Porsche's Behind-the-scenes Looks at the 356, 911 and 928 Production Processes
Created on 01/18/2021 10:25 AM
by dstrohl
Is a Four-Speed Transaxle the Only Remaining Piece of James Dean's 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder?
from Hemmings Motor News Blog posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: porsche
Created on 10/06/2020 8:27 AM
by dstrohl
Of Onions and Beasts, or How a 356 Devotee Came to Love the Porsche 914
from Hemmings Motor News Blog posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: 914 porsche
Created on 09/30/2020 12:00 AM
by dstrohl
If Porsche Hadn't Flipped Out Over the Idea of Jump Seats in the 914, it Might've Looked Like This
from Hemmings Motor News Blog posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: 914 porsche
Created on 07/15/2020 12:07 PM
by dstrohl
This or That: 1974 Porsche 911 RSR or 1977 Chevy Camaro Z28
Created on 01/02/2020 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
Brutus, the Original Porsche 916 Prototype, May Have Re-written Sports Car History
Created on 02/04/2019 11:00 AM
by dstrohl
The Only Porsche Styled by Bertone: The One-Off 1966 Porsche 911 Spyder
Created on 08/06/2018 10:00 AM
by dstrohl
Inspiration to the Outlaw Porsche Movement, the Dean Jeffries Carrera was Once Actually Owned by an Outlaw
Created on 08/02/2018 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
The Load-Down on this Mercedes-Benz Transporter: Porsche Commissioned It
Created on 03/20/2018 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
Porsche Builds the One-Millionth 911
Created on 05/23/2017 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
Birth of a Juggernaut – Porsche’s 917/10 Prototype
Created on 02/02/2017 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
Originality Drives Price of Unrestored Porsche 550 Spyder to Record-Setting $6.1 Million
Created on 09/19/2016 10:00 AM
by dstrohl
When Porsche Built a Jeep: The Type 597 Jagdwagen
Created on 02/25/2016 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
10 Years of Tradition, 40 Years Ago: 1975 Porsche 911 Brochure
Created on 12/28/2015 10:30 AM
by dstrohl
Kinetic Sculpture, Internal-Combustion Style: Modeling the Porsche 904 and 917 Engines
Created on 11/04/2015 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
5-0, in 2.7-Liter Form: A Netherlands National Police Porsche 911
Created on 09/30/2015 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
Stuttgart Psychedelic: Janis Joplin’s Porsche 356C Heads to Auction
Created on 09/21/2015 10:30 AM
by dstrohl
Porsche Files Patents for a Fuel Cell Vehicle
Created on 06/10/2015 10:35 AM
by Jordan Perch
GK Restoration’s Porsche Graveyard
Created on 12/29/2014 10:35 AM
by dstrohl
Porsche Sport Driving School Celebrates 40 Years of Correcting Lift-Throttle Oversteer
Created on 10/22/2014 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
“Like having a brand-new car every spring.” Ray Nadda’s 1974 Porsche 914
Created on 08/11/2014 10:00 AM
by dstrohl
Sinkhole '81: The Day the Earth Swallowed Five Porsches
Created on 02/18/2014 10:06 AM
by dstrohl
Porsche Boxster 2004
Created on 06/10/2013 9:54 PM
by SharAnn1
2003 Porsche Boxster Secret Hood Release
posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: Boxster porsche
Created on 12/22/2012 12:51 AM
by Autobroker
Bill Gates Porsche 911 Turbo
Created on 05/24/2012 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
Porsche 917/30 Sells for $4.4 Million, Setting New World Auction Record
Created on 03/21/2012 8:30 AM
by dstrohl
The World’s Most Dangerous Sport
Created on 02/07/2012 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
Do You Buy Used Auto Parts On-Line?
Created on 04/01/2011 8:45 AM
by CarDomain
The Top 10 Vehicles That Need to Come Back
from Autoholics posted in CR4, Transportation, Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: Acura Datsun Ferrari Ford jeep ...
User-tagged by 1 user
Created on 07/02/2010 12:01 AM
by CarDomain
Hemmings/Saratoga Auto Museum Auto Show
posted in Transportation
Pathfinder Tags: auto show Datsun 240Z Ferrari Hemmings MG TF ...
Created on 08/10/2009 12:19 PM
by Irving
Porsche’s Most Controversial Engineer
Created on 01/18/2008 3:19 PM
by Steve Melito