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My real name is Eugene R. Walker. I am not a registered PE, but I have extensive design experience (drawing board and hands-on) under direct supervision: piping, controls, wiring, safety analysis.

On CR4 I try to bridge between field operators and full-bore theorists, with occasional prankish comments. I learn a lot here and hope in return to be able to teach a little.

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Direct interests: writing of specifications, operational and safety procedures, process hazard analyses.

Offbeat interests: former tournament Scrabble player, writing group editor of two NYT best-sellers.

Moniker: Editor Crankshaft (one of my personas).

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Some 30 years of ammonia refrigeration pipe design, along with shop-fabricated chillers and pressure vessels. Currently operating a fish-freezing plant. If/when I retire, I will try to tell the bigger-than-life adventure of a Bering Sea crab catching/processing boat I helped to design and run.

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