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The Lab Equipment Blog is the place for conversation and discussion about clinical and research labware, environmental technology, test and metrology, and health and safety. Here, you'll find everything from application ideas, to news and industry trends, to hot topics and cutting edge innovations.

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Playing It Safe in the Laboratory

Posted July 18, 2007 2:31 PM by Grusbf5
Pathfinder Tags: Laboratory safety

The first topic here in the Blog may very well be the most important one. It is a topic with which every Laboratory worker has to deal with in one way, shape, or form.


From day one, we are inundated with Safety training, and Safety Training Equipment. There are even situations when we have to focus more on lab safety, than the actual testing itself. With such a push in today's society to keep workers free from unnecessary risks, health and safety is an integral and important part of our work lives.

So, knowing that everyone in the laboratory from the cleaning crew, to the Lab Director has to deal with Safety, my questions follow:

How has your laboratory implemented new and improved safety standards? Do you have personal stories of what role safety has played in your laboratory career, your professional life, or even your personal life? What future methods and standards for safety will develop in the future of the research and scientific industry?


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Anonymous Poster

Re: Playing It Safe in the Laboratory

07/19/2007 8:17 AM

I have required my lab techs (6 people) to use safety full face shields and impact glasses when handling any liquid chemicals or if you are present while they are being handled. In two years there have been seven episodes where the safety shields have paid off. Three of which were strong acid and the other four were alkali. All of them were aggressive as far as eyes are concerened. One of the accidents required a trip for medical help. Any one of these episodes paid for all of the equipment times 10. Aside from the cost my employees and friends were not damaged by my greed.

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In reply to #1

Re: Playing It Safe in the Laboratory

07/19/2007 1:59 PM

That is an excellent point. It usually does involve some sort of up front cost to implement safety measures in the lab. But the measures also usually end up paying for themselves, by saving on health costs, damages (physically and equipment-wise), and peace of mind.

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