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Digitalization, AI and AR Pave the Way for Increased Automation
Created on 01/19/2020 12:01 AM
by ahorner_22
There's a Dark Secret at the Heart of Artificial Intelligence: No One Really Understands How it Works
posted in Software & Programming
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User-tagged by 3 users
Created on 08/13/2019 4:11 PM
by StandardsGuy
AI-Derived Perfume on Its Way
Created on 11/10/2018 12:00 AM
by M-ReeD
Close to Home: Algorithms Work to Uncover When Children are in Domestic Danger
Created on 04/23/2018 11:37 AM
by IronWoman
Using AI, Sensors to "Read" Minds
Created on 04/21/2018 12:00 AM
by M-ReeD
Optimal Method of Distributing Edible Oil On Tanks
Created on 09/23/2017 9:05 AM
by sara.sh
Artificial Intelligence Course Professor Creates AI Teaching Assistant
Created on 05/10/2017 9:59 AM
by red_fish
The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI
Created on 04/22/2017 9:52 AM
by Andrew Westman
When Alexa Goes Wild
Created on 01/11/2017 2:33 PM
AI Passes 'Go'
Created on 03/21/2016 10:52 AM
by Hannes
Creative AI: Can Computers Create?
Created on 07/28/2015 9:01 AM
by Hannes
When Does Technology Cross the AI Line?
Created on 04/09/2014 7:17 AM
Robonaut- a myth comes to life
posted in Aerospace
Pathfinder Tags: AI artificial intelligence exploration humanoid NASA ...
Created on 02/07/2009 11:42 AM
by TexasCharley
The Future of the Internet (Part 2)
Created on 06/16/2008 12:00 AM
by april05
AI in the Garden of Good and Evil (Part 4)
Created on 04/01/2008 12:01 AM
by Steve Melito
Dumb Humans and Ruthless Machines (Part 3)
Created on 03/31/2008 12:01 AM
by Steve Melito
Engineering Zombies (Part 1)
Created on 03/24/2008 12:01 AM
by Steve Melito
Super Computers (PLT's and AI)
Created on 08/09/2007 3:58 AM
by EddyM
Robot Rights – The Next Generation
Created on 01/09/2007 9:30 AM
A Mind of Their Own
Created on 11/13/2006 3:27 PM
by Steve Melito